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 Name:    Brad Garbus
 DOB:May 14, 1975 (4:04 am)
 Sign:Taurus - Wood Rabbit (Pisces equivalent, strong Pisces traits ) (Married under Virgo)
 Personality:Introverted-Intuitive-Feeling-Judging (INFJ)
This is how to make/keep an INFJ very happy:
 Enneagram:Type 1  (Perfectionist / Reformer)
 Hair:Brown, naturally curly when long, wavy when short
 Height:    6' 1" (barefoot)
 Build:big-boned (football player build, broad shoulders, large frame)
 Blood Type:Type-A '+'
 Health Status:In good to above average heath, no diseases or disabilities. (sleep apnea)
 Favorite Colors:Royal Blue / Baby Blue / White
 Favorite Food:I am a vegan/vegetarian.I will, on occasion, eat food that contain limited amounts dairy.  
On even rarer occasion will eat seafood, and maybe once a year eat meat.
I enjoy - Indian, Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, & Mediterranean
(These all have excellent vegetarian options I immensely enjoy.)

 Religion:Unitarian-Universalist, (Pantheist, Spiritual)
 Orientation:Gay.  I come across as a straight guy in touch with my emotions which confuses most people.  The truth is, love does not discriminate, it just is.  
 Marital Status:Relationship since 2003,
Engaged on August 30,2013 and
Married on September 17, 2013 in La Plata, MD
 Political:Open-minded (socially liberal, fiscal conservative = Centrist )  [ registered Green Party ]
 Ethnicity:Irish, Dutch, German, French, Jewish
 Siblings:1 brother, 1 sister (deceased)
14 year age gap between me any my siblings.
 Parents:both deceased (Dad when I was 6, Mom at age 27)
 Time of Day:I am definitely a morning person.
Up at sunrise most days, down and out cold by 10pm.
 Born:Baltimore, MD - Johns Hopkins Hospital
 High School:Lakeland High School, Suffolk, VA
 College:ITT Technical Institute, Norfolk, VA
- Associates Degree in Electronics Engineering
 Career:Full-time weekdays:  Canon ITS (Greenbrier Area)  Monday - Friday (since 1996)

 Drive:2009 Smart For-two, Passion Coupe (black & silver)
License plates:  "INFJ"
 Reside:Waters Edge at the Riverfront, a Harbour View Community
(N.E. Suffolk, VA)
General Preferences:  
Music Preference:  Classical, Easy Listening, Oldies, Light rock.
        Anything that won't give me a headache.  I enjoy a very wide variety, could never list it all here...

        - Harry Connick Jr. 
        - Glee 
        - Celtic Woman
        - Dolly Parton
        - John Mayer
Movie Preference:  Sci-fi, Adventure, some-drama.
        Normally non-violent unless I am in the mood.

        - Star Trek (all)
        - Bicentennial Man
        - Titanic
        - The Man From Earth
        - The Celestine Prophecy
        - What the Bleep Do We Know; Down the Rabbit Hole
        - Avatar
TV Preference: Sci-Fy, documentaries, comedy, (cerebral)
        I have Apple TV and watch a lot of series shows.

        - Star Gate (all)
        - Star Trek (all)
        - COSMOS
        - Merlin
        - Smallville
        - John Adams (HBO mini series)
        - West Wing
        - Roswell
        - Big Bang Theory
        - Glee
        - Reign
        - Vampire Diaries
        - Tomorrow People
        - Spirit Science (online)

Book Preference:  Self-help, spiritual, science.  
        I stay so busy it is hard to find time to enjoy a good book, but I often will read a chapter or two.

        - A Return to Love
        - A New Earth (Eckhart Tolle)
        - Reclaiming Higher Ground (Lance Secretan)
        - INSPIRE:  What great leaders do (Lance Secretan)
        - ONE: The art and practice of conscious leadership (Lance Secretan)
        - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff (entire series) 
        - Start with Why (Simon Sinek)
        - Leaders Eat Last (Simon Sinek)
        - Buddhist Boot Camp
Vacation Preference:  Cruises (If it floats, I'm there!)
        - Saint Maartin
        - Half Moon Cay, Bahamas
        - Bar Harbor, ME
Cuisine / Food Preference:  Vegan (vegetarian on bad
        I can eat anything/anywhere in moderation.  I tend to "Eat Right 4 Your Type"
        -  Shrimp, Lobster or Snow/King Crab, Fish (on special occasions, I love seafood!)
        -  Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (organic)
        -  Dessert Souffles (Hot Chocolate), Creme Brulee
        -  Avoid: transfats, red meats, most 'mammal' based foods

Getting to know me and understand me:
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I am a D5/6 but becoming more C5/6 as I get older.